Terms of Design

Design Credits:
Once your cute new layout has been installed to your blog, you agree to keep my logo and links crediting the designer and kit used on your blog until you remove my template and designs from your blog in their entirety. You are welcome to move my logo and the credits around, but they must remain on your blog until you are finished with my designs. Payment Payment is to be made via PayPal to DesignsByTenille@gmail.com. Payment on all packages is required upfront and is due in full within seven days of the date on the PayPal invoice. Your PayPal invoice will be emailed to you within 1-2 business days after you submit your order/questionnaire so please be sure to check your email frequently during this process so it is not missed. If payment has not been received within the seven day time frame, you will lose your place in my queue until payment has been made.

This will be done via email. It is important that you check your mail frequently during the custom design process in order for me to finish your custom blog design in a timely manner. My hours are Monday-Friday, so please dont expect emails over the weekend.

I want you to be happy with your new blog design and will gladly make a reasonable amount of revisions/adjustments to your custom design free of charge during the design process. However, if your revisions become excessive (taking more time than usual for me to  complete your order) I will let you know if/when this situation occurs and will need to charge you $10 per hour for any additional time I spend on your design revisions.

Graphic Designs:
If you want a specific graphic used in your custom design (cartoon people etc.) you must first buy the image from istock and send it to me so that i can use it! Keep in mind i will be able to change characters eye/hair/clothing/skin etc. colors to match you (if you want it to look like you) and your design.

My Responsibility:
I am only responsible for creating your blog design to your liking and applying that blog design to your blog. If you are not familiar with the Blogger platform, I am not responsible for teaching you how to use your blog (posting, adding widgets/gadgets, pictures etc.) It is up to you to learn/know how to use your blog.
If you get a custom design by me, your header or page screenshot could be added to my portfolio linking to your blog (so that people can see examples of my work.) If you don't want me to link to your blog, please let me know!

Fixing Your Mistakes:
If you accidentally make a mistake (ex: delete something, mess up widget codes/template somehow etc.) after I've applied your design, I can fix it for you if youd like, however, since it will take up my time to fix the problem, there will be a fee for me to do this. You will be sent an invoice and once that is paid i will go in and fix the problem for you!

Wait List 
This list has been created to help me keep orders straight and to help you know when I will begin work on your design. The wait list is created on a first come, first serve basis according to the time in which each order is received/paid for. Your name will be place in it immediately after I receive your order.

Although I have not lost any widgets (sidebar information) yet with my designs and don't anticipate losing any in the future, I still strongly suggest that you save a back up of your blog template before I begin work on it just in case something should happen. I am not responsible for anything lost due to your failure to backup your template.

Due to the unique nature of blog design, I do not offer refunds on designs I have already started. If you have been placed on the waiting list and change your mind after you have sent your payment, I will gladly send a refund minus any PayPal checkout fees.

You May Not:
Edit/alter my custom designs or templates or share them with anyone else for any reason,claim my design as your own or remove the design credits.

All terms of design are subject to change. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at
designsbytenille@gmail.com. Thanks!